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Dustin Collins is proud to stand for the American flag with new single

Sometimes you can look outside your window and wonder what exactly is going on with the world that we are living in.  The news media show video clips to portray the negative side of America as bad news sells these days it seems.  However, when you try to take a stand for something, there is always someone to try to knock you down.  For Kentucky native, Dustin Collins, he has released a new single, “Stand for the Flag,” that instantly pays tribute to the men and women who undoubtedly will defend the American flag no matter what it takes.  Dustin sat down and spoke to Kentucky Country Music about the song, as well as touring during the strange year that 2020 has become.

“Stand for the Flag” highlights the news media headlines and the fact that we are told to get rid of our backwoods ways.  Try telling that to a true country boy or girl who are quick to tell you that we are proud to defend old glory.  Their bloodlines include military Veterans, police, and rescue who sacrifice their lives defending our freedom.  Dustin Collins brings that patriotic feeling through lyrics and vocals throughout the song.

Dustin Collins’ story began when he was 15 years old at a local talent show.  He would later acquire a publishing deal in 2014.  In 2020, he made some changes with his support system of label, management, etc.  Despite COVID-19, Dustin Collins has kept busy.  “I have been able to keep busy during COVID-19 due to motivation,” according to Dustin.  “All of my time and energy has been put into my music.  Thankfully I had already planned to slow down shows to be able to get into the studio and do some recording.  I got lucky with the break.”

One of the valuable lesson that Dustin has learned while being a musician is to, “never take opportunities for granted.  Never take no as an answer,” Dustin recalled.

The backbone of America was built by the farmers, military, and more that helped build a future for our families for generations.  They bleed the red, white, and blue and Dustin Collins has been passionate for standing up for them to be honored.  “I believe everyone should get out and vote for those that represent your ideas,” Dustin said.  “The song is about respecting the American flag.  Fans of country music are tired of being told what we can and cannot do.”

At the end of the day, Dustin Collins says that his family and friends keep him humble in this journey into music.  “I lived 5 to 6 years full time in Nashville.  Now I split time between there and Bardstown.  Those people help me stay down to earth.”

Be sure to check out Dustin Collins online, as well as purchase his music on I-tunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more.