Brit Taylor announces new music produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson

When country artist Brit Taylor burst on the music scene two years ago with her debut album Real Me, she surprised the industry almost as much as she surprised herself. Fast forward to Rolling Stone’s hinting last year that Sturgill Simpson and Taylor were working together, the industry and fans began eagerly awaiting the new music that is finally arriving from the sensational songwriter/singer.

“Cabin in the Woods,”  Taylor’s new single slated for release on September 9, is an invitation to join her on a drive back to her East Kentucky roots.  Produced by Grammy-winners Simpson and David “Fergie” Ferguson, “Cabin” is a foot-stompin’ hillbilly revival about loving the simple things in life and inviting friends along for the ride. Not quite bluegrass and somewhere left of country center, it’s definitely an upbeat country tune with a healthy dose of swagger. The mountain fiddle, twangy banjo, funky organ, slinky bass and drum groove take the listener back to better times while also transporting them to a far-out future on some front porch of a cabin where everyone gets along and only drinks the good stuff.

Legendary producer David Ferguson praises the new music. “Let me say I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really great artists from Kentucky – Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, to name two, and seems there’s no end to the talent that comes out of Kentucky . One of those is Brit Taylor. ‘Cabin in the Woods’ is a shining example of her singing and songwriting talents. Give it a chance.  You won’t be sorry.”The tune, written by Jason White and Taylor, reflects a progression of Taylor’s life and music and is an introduction to the stand-your-ground, know-your-worth Brit Taylor of today. Following her journey to self-awareness in Real Me, “Cabin” reflects the person she found – and likes.

“‘Cabin in the Woods’ was written with a light, happy heart and deep gratitude that my house was finally my own,” Taylor said.  “I didn’t have to fear losing it anymore.  I had started dating again and seeing friends. I loved sitting on my porch and seeing cars come down the driveway, just having people over to my place to sit around the fire with my dog and me, enjoying a Kentucky bourbon and some good music.”

Taylor’s 2020 release of her self-reflective album Real Me quickly gained favor with DSPs, music publishers, Grammy-winning producers and singers as well as press outlets. Favorable reviews and immediate fan reception (“…a beautiful mix of classic country but vintage singer/songwriter and some bluegrass thrown in” – NPR World Café; “… a stunner which lyrically showcases Taylor’s brutally honest feelings” – American Songwriter; “… traditional country and reflective songwriting…Real Me is hard to beat” – CMT) led to the album debuting on the AMA/CDX Radio Chart at No. 37, the highest-ranking debut album on the chart and just 10 days after the album’s release.  She followed with Real Me Deluxe and two collaborations “At Least There’s No Babies” with Dee White and “Gone as It Gets” with Adam Chaffins, Meg McCree and Ben Chapman.

If Real Me were born from a long decade of trying to “play by the rules” and a life suddenly flipped upside down, “Cabin” is the self-reliant child of that painful, yet fruitful journey that set her free. Playfully sultry with a healthy dose of Kentucky country “Cabin” is a rebirth, exuding confidence with just a touch of attitude.

With the release of “Cabin in the Woods”, a new love and marriage in her life, new publishing and distribution deals and two miniature donkeys added to her menagerie of one cat, two dogs, five goats and a bunch of chickens, Taylor is bravely and happily standing out as her own self.  Proud to be influenced by the traditional sounds she loves and adapt them to the future she is, Taylor continues to tell musical stories that manage to be dramatic, humorous, heartfelt, and down-right honest. Each song has a purpose and each song tells a personal story.  And each song manages to get stuck in your head even before you finish the first listen.

“Cabin in the Woods” is Brit’s personal invitation to her cabin in the woods to enjoy a bourbon, a swing on the porch and a story-telling song.  Be sure to check her out at