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Kentucky’s Brit Taylor finds her soul through latest release

Brit Taylor has released her newest album, Real Me.

Once upon a time, a young 6-year old girl stood on stage of the Kentucky Opry with hopes and dreams of pursuing a career in music.  Eastern Kentucky native, Brit Taylor, has lived out that dream and recently released her latest album, “Real Me.”  The dream became bigger than expected as she would work with The Black Keys’ musician, Dan Auerbach, and Dave Brainard to bring together a unique sound in music.

Prior to the release, Brit Taylor spoke to Kentucky Country Music regarding the album, as well as her career.  The fierce singer grew up with a love of music from her grandparents, who loved bluegrass and country music.

“My parents didn’t really listen to country music growing up,” Brit recalls.  “My mom’s dad, my papaw, listened to bluegrass music.  That introduced me to my love of Patty Loveless and Ricky Skaggs, who were at the time crossing over to the bluegrass world.  I fell completely in love with all Kentucky music artists from a really young age.  Then from singing in the Kentucky Opry when I was a kid, I always picked a Patty Loveless song to sing.”

At the age of 17, Brit Taylor would move down to Murfreesboro to pursue a college degree in music business at MTSU.  It was there that she would learn the ropes of the business, but it would lead her to an opportunity thanks to a class.  “I’m so glad that I took an elective class in songwriting with an internship my last year because I needed so many hours.  That is the reason why I ended up signing a professional publishing deal after college,” Brit said.  “They started working with me because of that internship.  They began recording me and set up co-writes, then three years later signed me as a professional songwriter.”

In writing and recording her album, “Real Me,” Brit learned quite a bit about herself as a creator and person.  The first single off the album, “Back in the Fire,” really set the stage as to what to expect with this timeless collaboration with Dan Auerbach and Pat McLaughin.  The song is about “getting back with someone who isn’t the best,” according to Brit.  Her smooth as Kentucky bourbon vocals set fire to the chorus as the lyrics roll out.

For many, a collaboration with Dan Auerbach and legendary Pat McLaughin, would be a dream come true.  Brit explained working with Dan and Pat.  “As musicians for a love of music and a love for country music, as well as a love for the craft, I think we just all connected a lot.  Pat has had so many country music hits and he’s such a great musician,” according to Brit.  “I think music is such a big connector – it’s like nothing else matters but that.”

One thing that Brit has realized is that “we are human and that is something that I have learned about myself through music.”  One thing that she wishes she could take back to Nashville would be her family.  “I miss them dearly and look forward to the holidays,” Brit said.

Brit Taylor’s “Real Me” album is an instant throwback of country music with a modern vibe.  “Waking Up Ain’t Easy” could easily be a song that someone like Patsy Cline could perform on stage with the wavy vocals complimented with the sway of a steel guitar.  “Broken Heart Brakes” brings back the listener to a honky-tonk waltzing across the floor while trying to mend a broken heart.  Brit’s sassy side comes out with “Wagon” as she sings about a love who is more trouble than what it is really with.

“Love Me Back” is a perfect soul soothing song that the character in the song wonders if the person they are giving all their love and support would love them back.  The simplicity of the lyrics intertwines with the soft vocals of Brit Taylor to make it a perfect fit of a song.  On the flip side, “Married Again,” is a playful song that talks about going through a marriage that ended in divorce with a lesson that she is not going to get married again.  You can hear a hint of Loretta Lynn in the lyrics and vocals within the song.

Brit Taylor explores her influences beyond the confines of country music throughout her album.  You can tell the western and soulful sounds that help with the creative direction with her vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation.  Brit’s future is bright in our eyes and is one that should be on your radar.  Be sure to check her out at