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Dustin Collins proves country music is not dead with new song

Kentucky native Dustin Collins has impressed us over the years with his creative storytelling through songs. In the past, Dustin released toe-tapping honky-tonk tunes, but this time around he has released a more laid back slower tune. “Starts With You” is one of those songs that grabs your attention to sit back and think about the life we are each living.

In the world we live in today, things are fast pace at a dangerous speed. It seems like we hear more bad news than good. Dustin Collins reflects that in the song and mentions that we need “a little more love, a lot less hurt.”

At the end of the day, we need to go back to the old school way of thinking along with some hard work. Throughout many generations, children learn the ways of life through their parents. These days kids are more worried about the latest game console or fashion accessory, when they should be outside more enjoying the outdoors and playing on something as simple as a swing set. Look at your own life – when is the last time that you have sat on a porch swing after eating a good meal on Sunday?

These days you hear many folks say “traditional country music is dead.” Dustin Collins proves that saying is wrong with “Starts With You.” His smooth vocal style with the twang of Kentucky dialect blends in with instrumentation in the background. The overall song could have been released in the 1990’s country music scene and fits just right here in 2020.

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