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Laurel Cove and Master Musicians set the bar on music festivals

June and July have come in hot with the weather and music events in Kentucky.  Two events in southeast Kentucky have created a unique atmosphere that music fans have instantly grown to love.  In June, Pineville played host to the Laurel Cove Music Festival.  Then in July, the Master Musician Festival soaked up the sun and talent in Somerset.

Laurel Cove Music Festival is unique from the moment you walk through the ticket gate into the magical surroundings of the Laurel Cove Amphitheater.  Nestled inside Pine Mountain State Park, attendees can sit in chairback seats, or benches propped up with large boulders, or bring their own chair.  Woodlands surround the property with the stage sitting across a small pond even fit for fishing from on stage for one laid back country picker.

Laid Back Country Picker performing at Laurel Cove Music Festival in 2021. Photo by Jessica Blankenship.

The Laurel Cove Music Festival hosted so many talented folks – in fact there were over 30 acts in a two-day period gracing the main stage and campfire stage.  Some personal highlights over the days included performances by Logan Halstead, Morgan Wade, Arlo McKinley, The Local Honeys, Wolfpen Branch, and many more.  Most of all, it was the first concert for many since the beginning of 2020.  It was a relief to be able to hug, laugh, and single with your friends.

Laurel Cove Music Festival at Pine Mountain State Park. Photo by Jessica Blankenship.

This past weekend, the Master Musicians Festival was held in Somerset at the Somerset Community College Field.  The field was packed with vendors and 3 stages full of musical talent over two days.  Some notable performances included Wolfpen Branch, Driftwood Gypsy, Morgan Wade, Kelsey Waldon, Jaime Wyatt, and the Singer-Songwriter Showcase. There was also a fun interactive kids camp that brought the attention to music to those youngsters who you may end up seeing on stage or part of the committee.  Also, Tommy Cate not only performed but was surprised with receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.

What makes Master Musicians Festival a great experience is that there are so many genres that blended well along three different stages of talent.  The only downside is that you only got to spend a few minutes with some artists to run and catch another favorite at one of the other stages at times.

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As more music festivals kick off this year, we highly recommend that you attend them.  The economic boost into local communities through festivals and music events really help build businesses to continue supporting the arts.  Even more so, you are likely to run into old friends and meet new ones by attending festivals.  You will also discover a music act or song that soon turns into a favorite.  Most of all – you support the artist and their craft of music.