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Wolfpen Branch releases debut song, “Don’t Have a Clue”

Kentucky is rich in talent, especially when it comes to music. Wolfpen Branch is the fire and smoke of bluegrass music. They honor the tradition of the forefathers, yet create their own path when they are up on stage. Kentucky’s musical spirit is very much alive with the talented performers in the band.

Today, Wolfpen Branch releases their debut song, “Don’t Have a Clue,” written by Chris Shouse.  The light hearted tune showcases the songwriting talent, as well as musicianship of each member of the band.  Chris Shouse takes lead with vocal and mandolin throughout the song.  Arthur Hancock on guitar, Aaron Bibelhauser on banjo accompany Shouse on vocals, while Katie Penn and Roddy Puckett provide fiddle and bass to fill in the overall bluegrass sound.  Each performer is outstanding in their own right, but put the group together, you get a little bit of spice on stage and in the recording studio.  Their performances on stage get the crowd cheering and transform you away from the troubles of the world.

Currently, Wolfpen Branch has been performing several shows, including selling out the Heritage Music Series in London, The Burl in Lexington, and many others.  They are scheduled to perform throughout the year throughout Kentucky.  Be sure to check out their upcoming shows, as well as listen to their music and purchase merchandise on their website.

Without further ado, here is the world premiere of Wolfpen Branch’s “Don’t Have a Clue.” Be sure to download it on Itunes and stream on Spotify.