Nashville Road Trip: Johnny Cash, The Mall, Waffle House

After my cousin and I stopped at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, we made our way over to the Johnny Cash Museum & Store. It was ironic as I was carrying my Johnny Cash purse that I bought a little over a year ago online.  There it sat on the shelf for sale. 
My Johnny Cash Purse – by Jessica Blankenship
After paying $14 each (little high in my opinion), we walked through the museum of various Cash memorabilia.  I was in music heaven with all the cool historic artifacts out on display depicting Johnny Cash’s life and career.  It was a little packed so we didn’t get to see every little thing, but I was able to capture a few photos.  It was neat seeing the tin cups Cash received when he performed at Folsom Prison. 
Cups given to Johnny Cash when he performed at Folsom Prison. Photo by Jessica Blankenship.
They also had his marriage certificate from when he & June Carter Cash married in Franklin, Ky.  I always said that I wanted a love like Johnny and June (well minus the drugs!)
Johnny Cash and June Carter Marriage License at Johnny Cash Museum. Photo by Jessica Blankenship.
You could also view furniture from his house, sitting in front of a rock wall that was taken from his homestead.  The eerie part was the ending of the museum tour.  As you sat and read over career facts, the music video for “Hurt” was playing.  Alongside it was the guitar and music awards he received from the last video he made.  You realized it was the end and how much of a huge impact Cash left on music.
Furniture from Johnny Cash’s home as seen in the Hurt video. Photo by Jessica Blankenship.
Once we got through the museum, we headed back onto Broadway to visit a few shops.  Then it was off to the Opry Mills Mall.  I hadn’t been inside since the major flood except to go into the Bass Pro Shop.  We literally shopped til we dropped.  Afterwards we decided out of all the places in Nashville to eat…we go to Waffle House.  No country star sightings.
The next morning, I took my cousin down for a little “tour de Nashville.”  I think I should charge for these personalized tours full of history and facts.  I took her first over to the Grand Ole Opry House, then we went downtown to see the infamous Music Row.  The funny thing is that the two songs I despise hearing, Wagon Wheel and Boys Round Here, had banners hung up for their success. I even drove by the “naked people statue” because there is no way you cannot visit Nashville without taking a turn around that.
Marathon made automobiles for a short span of time. Photo by Jessica Blankenship.
George Jones touring jacket. By Jessica Blankenship
Our final stop before heading back to Kentucky was the Antique Archaeology shop.  It is where the American Pickers tv show has their shop in Nashville over at Marathon Works.  When we pulled up in the parking lot, there was a huge line of folks waiting for it to open.  The last time I was in there, there wasn’t a line.  I wasn’t for sure if something was happening or what was going on.  We gave it about 15 minutes after the line went inside and we ventured in there.  It was packed to the gills of young, old, and all points in between. Not for the claustrophobic or anxiety attack waiting to happen folks. Around the shop is various memorabilia that Frank & Mike have picked on their travels.  The coolest thing I saw was George Jones tour jacket – not for sale unfortunately.  We found us each a shirt and stood in line at the register. Well, at least we thought we were in line but it was a mess.  They definitely need a MUCH bigger place and organization. Or we should have waited until later to go in there.
Finally we said goodbye to the bright lights and country music of Nashville on our way back to Kentucky.  Our trip ended with my cousin wanting to go back to Nashville and see even more sights and sounds. I would say my job as “personal tour guide” was a success if she wants to return!

Don’t worry – I went back to Nashville a couple of weeks after our adventures.  Stay tune to part 3 coming soon – George Jones, Bakersfield, Loveless Cafe adventures.