Nashville Road Trip: Crafts, Ernest Tubb Record Shop, and the Ryman

Ryman Auditorium – by Jessica Blankenship
Back about a month ago, I took two mini-vacations to Nashville.  It is one of those places that you can visit multiple times and see something new.  I’ll try to break up my trip in different posts to describe each place.  On my first trip, I went with one of my cousins to the “Embroidery Craft Mart” or something another like that. Basically it was dealers of the big machines that sew, embroider, and do all kinds of neat things.  I rocked my Blackberry Smoke shirt and had someone to ask if that was my business name. Only in Nashville.  At one point, one of the sales guys was going over this machine how it could sew stuff, has a laser, and I have no clue what else but I was leaned up against the table.  My cousin asked how much it was and my mouth dropped when he told of a price that was more than a brand new Chevy Silverado.  And that was without the fancy dancy software to make all the cool shapes and designs. Oh my.

Legends Corner on Broadway – By Jessica Blankenship
After we left there, we landed on Broadway so my cousin could get a piece of Nashville – honky tonk central.  We made it over to Paradise Park Trailer Resort.  She got the burger & fries and I grabbed myself a grilled cheese “sammich” and sweet tater fries.  It was delicious and oddly enough for it to be a Friday, it was pretty empty. In fact, most of Broadway was empty in the middle of the day.  Got to love back to school season.  I did grab myself a souvenir t-shirt to wear later.
Me with Hip Hillbilly Chick at Ernest Tubb Record Shop

Once our bellies were full, we headed to Ernest Tubb Record Shop and got to meet the one and only Hip Hillbilly Chick, my pal Billy. Sweet gal and full of laughs.  She graciously took her time and found the one cd that I’ve been looking for a while – Nick 13.  Needless to say I was tickled pink when she found it.  It was also rather cool seeing Judd Film’s produced DVD of Charlie Louvin on a display up at the front counter.  Do yourself a favor and grab a copy.  You cannot beat the personalized customer service that you get at Ernest Tubb Record Shop in downtown Nashville.  They are pretty much guaranteed to have that long lost album you want. 
The infamous “bat building” in Nashville overlooking Broadway. By Jessica Blankenship.
I’ll close for now…but be on the lookout for more on our adventures in Nashville.