Aaron Lewis on expanding his musical horizons

Aaron Lewis – photo by Jim Wright
Upon first glance of Aaron Lewis, it is hard to believe that he is a true country boy. With the tattoos and scruffed up beard, you wonder why he is trying his shot into country music. However, once you get to talking to him, you discover fast that he is indeed a guy built on country living, faith, and family.

“Growing up with my grandparents, I was raised on traditional country music. It was the very first music that I listened to. From Waylon to Merle, grandpa would pull out his vinyl records and we would listen,” Lewis recalls.

One thing that Aaron Lewis has succeeded in is in writing songs that tell a story. Each and every song on his latest release, “The Road,” has a different story that relates to the life of Lewis.

Beyond music, another passion of Lewis’s is hunting. While at the SHOT Convention in Las Vegas, he was meeting with representatives to sponsor an upcoming television show. “This fall I plan on having my own hunting tv show. I’ve always enjoyed being out in the woods and feel at peace while the quietness surrounds you.”

Aaron Lewis is active with work in his community with the Second Annual Aaron Lewis Golf Invitational. The event will benefit the It Takes A Community Foundation. More information on the event is available at

Tonight when he takes the stage at Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana, fans can expect a night of good music. “When I first started the tour, it was just acoustic. Now we have a full band of guys from Tennessee and Texas. I enjoy getting out there and play for the fans each night,” Lewis said.

Be sure to pick up a copy of “The Road” available in stores and on I-tunes. More information and complete tour dates can be found at