Fifth On The Floor exceeds expectations with Ashes and Angels

When you mix a blend of Appalachian and rock music with a barrel of whiskey, you get the sounds of Fifth on the Floor. The Kentucky natives have released their latest album, “Ashes and Angels” this week. Produced by Shooter Jennings, the album was recorded in the heart of Kentucky.
Right off the bat with “Whiskey,” you know you are in for a ride of good music to crank up. Things take a dark turn with “Shotgun” with a funky little groove to keep your toes tapping. Another roadhouse honky tonk tune on the album is “Wild Child.” The new single, “January in Louisiana” speaks of how one was caught after shooting the man who took the woman he loved.
Clocking in a little over a minute with the rowdy guitar solo, “The Last Opry,” ties into one of the top tracks, “Burnin’ Nashville Down.” The tune reflects on the current state of music being pumped out of music city.
Things take a waltzing pace with Jason Parsons taking the lead vocals with the beautiful “Angels in the Snow.” He follows up later in the album with “Same Old Thing.” Rachel Brooke’s sweet and soulful vocals are featured on the song “Wine.”
Another notable piece on the album is “What For,” reflecting on the livelihood of the grandparents’ farm that is settling to nothing but rust and dust.
Ending the album is the cover tune “One Big Holiday” by My Morning Jacket. The beginning segment flows perfectly from the ending “Distant Memory Lane” from Fifth on the Floor’s previous album.
Overall, “Ashes and Angels” is a must have for a music collection with a real honky tonk attitude. Be sure to check out Fifth on the Floor online at