Fifth on the Floor shines with their unique sound

Fifth on the Floor – photo by Russ Olin
It isn’t every day that you hear the son of a music legend promote your music. For Lexington, Kentucky based Fifth on the Floor, they are embracing the exposure they have been given thanks to Shooter Jennings, the son of Waylon Jennings. Shooter has been an advocate of real honest music with substance – not prefabricated full of drumloops and country cliches. He has featured Fifth on the Floor with his XXX Movement, as well as on his outlaw music radio show, Electric Radio.
As I spoke with Justin Wells and Matty Rogers of Fifth on the Floor, one thing is evident – they are passionate about what they do. Growing up with a rock influence, it wasn’t until later they grew with a country blend with their music.
“We bring out the best of those two styles plus others,” Justin noted. Matty recalled getting to play with the Marshall Tucker band as being “one of the biggest highlights” of his life. Fifth on the Floor has been burning up the roads, but one thing remains the same – the fans. “No matter if there are a handful or a packed room, we will always go and meet them. Some bands like to hide backstage, but for us we embrace the fans. We appreciate them taking the time to support us,” according to Justin.
Their unique sound is one that can only come fom the heart of Central Kentucky. Rocking with the soulful southern charm with a touch of bourbon, Fifth on the Floor set themselves apart from others. Whether you just got out of a relationship, found love, work hard, or just like to have a good time, there is a song performed by the boys just for you. They represent Kentucky in a good way with their music and others are learning about this well kept secret.
There is a lot of what is in store for Fifth on the Floor’s future. They are preparing to take things to the next level. They recently released their new video, “Distant Memory Lane,” which was filmed locally in central Kentucky. The tune itself is worth downloading with the simplistic vocals and guitar with the loneliness before transforming into a rock performance at the end.
“Thanks to Shooter, our I-tunes sales have doubled. We have gained more exposure because of him,” Justin said. Be sure to support your local homegrown music scene. Purchase Fifth on the Floor tunes via I-tunes. You can check them out online at, as well as Facebook and Twitter.
Your next chance to catch Fifth on the Floor is this weekend. They are hosting a must-see concert at Cosmic Charlie’s in Lexington called the Lexington Hayride III. The concert features Rachel Brook, Killer Meteor, Joey Allcorn, and Fifth on the Floor. The show is Saturday, October 1st at 9PM.