Grand Ole Opry Moments

I love going to the Grand Ole Opry.  Call me a country music history nerd, but I love the history that has evolved with the Opry. I’ve been very fortunate to be backstage of the Opry and witness moments that you won’t see in the seats in front of the stage.
The last time I attended the Opry, I got to be a guest backstage.  I got to meet Vince Gill, as well as several others.  Nevertheless, I was indeed “star struck” by Vince as I’ve always enjoyed listening to his music.  During the final segment of the Opry that night, he invited Don Schlitz, who wrote Kenny Rogers “The Gambler.”  Don ended up singing the tune and received a standing ovation from those in attendance.  As the curtain went down, his hands were on his head and he exclaimed “I can’t believe it! I just played the Opry for the first time!”
Pictured is one of my friends, Sunny Sweeney, sharing a moment with Jeanie Seely.  It is moments like this that I’m glad to have a love of country music and photography.