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September releases of Kentucky music albums

Kentucky music artists have been in full swing in releasing new albums this fall.  It is no exception that each has their own personal touch that highlights the best music from our state.  The interesting thing is that each of these albums have a totally different sound from one another, yet they each have that authentic Kentucky music sound.

Crystal Gayle released her newest album, You Don’t Know Me, on September 6, 2019.

Crystal Gayle returns with her first new album in 16 years with You Don’t Know Me.  The album was released on September 6th and was co-produced with Crystal’s son, Christos Gatzimos.  The album includes many country standards from her life.  The opening track, “Ribbon of Darkness,” has a special meaning as it was the first song she sang on the Grand Ole Opry when she was 16 years old.

Another special highlight of the album is “Put it Off Until Tomorrow.”  Crystal Gayle used the musical talents in her family by having Loretta Lynn and Peggy Sue Wright to join in on the song that was co-written with Dolly Parton.  Crystal’s vocals soar through the speakers as she sings with emotion on one of our top picks with “There Goes My Everything.” Overall the album is a must have for any classic country music fan.  Be sure to check it out on Amazon.

Jericho Woods releases new album, Fare Thee Well, on September 20, 2019.

When it comes to representing the best of country music in Kentucky, Jericho Woods, never fails to exceed expectations.  Their latest album, Fare Thee Well, was released on September 20th.  The opening track, “35,” reflects on life and family at the age where one finally realizes their life is put together.  It is followed up with “Middle of Nowhere,” that could be related to many who come from a small town and trying to make a living as a musician.  The harmonies backed up with the pedal steel guitar and fiddle really emphasizes the loneliness of the live of a musician.  With “I Will Find You,” is a laid back driving tune that the singer is hoping to find a special someone soon.  The album concludes with a barn burning rendition of Brad Paisley’s “Nervous Breakdown.” Be sure to check out Jericho Woods at, as well as our reviews of their previous albums here.

Jason Tyler Burton releases his latest album, Kentuckian, on September 6, 2019.

Jason Tyler Burton, released his newest album, Kentuckian, on September 6th.  It is a much diverse sound than the previous albums mentioned above.  Jason’s vocal style, lyrics, and instrumentation feels like it is straight out of the Appalachian Mountains.  Small town life in the mountains is featured throughout the album with songs like “Date Night at the Dairy Queen” and “Easy for Me.”  Then there is the straight up eeriness in “Hillbilly’s Lament” throughout the song.  Be sure check out Jason online at