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Josh Mitcham releases new track – “Buzzards Flying Over Town”

Josh Mitcham is set to release a solo album, “Not That Serious,” on March 29th, 2019.

“There’s buzzards flying over town, but it’s been dead a long time now.”

The opening words to Jericho Woods lead man, Josh Mitcham’s just released solo track are haunting.  Being from a small town South Eastern Kentucky those words hit home. Mitcham hails from Webster, KY nearly halfway between Owensboro and Louisville and speaks volumes about the plight of small town suffering.  Per Mitcham’s Facebook post releasing the song, “It addresses the fact that our rural small towns are getting left behind in this hi-tech world.”

Mitcham turned the track into a family affair with his oldest daughter singing backup vocals and oldest son playing trumpet.

The stop motion video for the song was also directed by his son.

According to the post, Mitcham recorded a solo album at La La Studios titled, “Not That Serious” to be released on March 29 while Jericho Woods will be releasing a new record in May.