Kentucky sweetheart Kelsey Waldon is set to release new album

Check out Kelsey Waldon’s new album “I’ve Got a Way”

There is a rumble down in Nashville with an uprising of the true sounds of country music.  Surprisingly, females such as Lindi Ortega and Margo Price have been getting noticed for bringing the reminiscent sounds of traditional country music.  Hailing from Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky, Kelsey Waldon has been making a name for herself alongside those trying to garner the attention of music fans.


Come August 12, 2016, Kelsey Waldon will be releasing her album, “I’ve Got a Way.”  From the looks and sounds of the first single, “All By Myself,” music fans are in for a treat.  The first single contains a haunting steel guitar filling the air as Waldon sings with purity from the hills of Kentucky.


Kentucky is known for its country music and Kelsey Waldon is one to definitely keep an eye out for.  She will be performing in Lexington at Willy’s Locally Known on August 21st.


According to her website, how does Waldon turn those inspirations into the country music that is so much a part of her? “Lay it all out, and sing it from the heart, way down deep,” she says. “If you do it that way, you don’t need gimmicks.”


Stay tune as I feel like there will be even more wonderful adventures and music coming from the heart from Kelsey Waldon!

Check out more on Kelsey Waldon via her website and Facebook pages. Download “All By Myself” off I-tunes by clicking here.