Partnering for a Cure

Sometimes the smallest things can bring back a good memory or push you to do something for someone.  I recently got married and in the process of moving things over to my husband’s house, I came across one particular guitar that I’ve hung onto for several years.  It isn’t just any ordinary guitar.  Instead, it is one worth thousands, of dollars turned into a search for a cancer cure.  This simple black guitar was full of autographs from both new acts and legendary artists in the field of country music.  WFKY hosted its first St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital radio-thon and those that pledged to become a Partner in Hope were put into a drawing.  During their St. Jude Acoustic Jam, the guitar was given away.  Needless to say, I was extremely surprise to have won it.  I made sure to keep it in a special place so it wouldn’t get damaged.

As I opened up the case, I began thinking about those here in my hometown that have lost loved ones to cancer.  In the last year, our high schools lost several teens due to cancer.  This was unheard of really when I was walking through those same halls many years ago.  Then I sit and recall hearing the news that one of my nephews had a classmate that was diagnosed with leukemia.  I went to high school with his mom.  Seeing and hearing her stories of how cancer doesn’t just affect the patient, but it affects the whole family and close friends around them.  My high school friend has had to make sacrifices from working any hours that she can, on top of household chores, running errands, paying bills, things that we consider “normal” alongside going to doctor visits and caring for her other son.  Her son still faces more treatments, more blood draws, more tests, and other obstacles.  However, thankfully with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, they share their research with other hospitals, including University of Kentucky.  There is still hope for a cure and better treatments than before.

Today, WFKY is hosting their annual St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital radio-thon.  Please consider donating to help find a cure for a multitude of childhood cancers and illnesses.  The research they do is shared with hospitals around the United States, including ones here in Kentucky.  Furthermore, patients that are at St. Jude don’t have to worry about paying for their medical care there.  Here is the link if you would like to donate today.