A Place Called Home

When someone asks, “Where are you from?” you often reply with a sense of pride and enthusiasm of your home.  Even when I lived in Lexington and Versailles, I always said, “London is my hometown.”

I would also add, “London, as in Kentucky, not England.  We are known for the World Chicken Festival, some of the kindest folks, beautiful outdoors, and some great traditions from Friday night lights of high school football to sitting on the front porch to waving whenever you see someone coming towards you in their vehicle.”

Many know about Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, and others, but few know about Slaughter, Beauty, Knob Lick, Sandy Hook, or Butcher Holler.  These are the places that Chris Knight, Angaleena Presley, the Kentucky Headhunters, Keith Whitley, Loretta Lynn & Crystal Gayle all call home.

Where you are from defines who you are.  Your attitude, personality, and views of life come from that place in your hear that you call home.  You build up your roots of the road that you will go on a journey in life.  Thus, my new logo contains a tree rooted in southeast part of the state and branching out.  The swirls could easily represent a vinyl record, the spool of tape from a cassette, or a cd….or perhaps that you take a piece of music and curl up next to it as it affects you in some form or another.

So no matter where your road leads, there is always a place to call home.  Now grab a road atlas and see if you can locate those towns I just mentioned of some fine Kentucky country music singers.