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Dolly Parton living a dream over five decades

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images
In most career choices, it is unbelievable that one could have a career that has expanded five decades. Today, Dolly Parton is still as hard-working as she ever has been and it doesn’t seem like she has any plans of slowing down. She just released her latest album, “Blue Smoke,” that has reached worldwide.
On Monday, Dolly completed her world tour at the Moon & Stars Festival in Locarno, Switzerland. The crowd at Glastonbury Festival in England would be one of her biggest with over 100,000 fans singing along. In fact, the security in front of the stage was dancing along with “Jolene.”
According to Parton, “I am so proud of that song (‘Jolene’). A lot of people don’t realize that’s the song I have written that has been recorded the most by other artists. I still enjoy singing it, and I think a lot of people relate to it.”
Dolly Parton was recently honored with 100 million albums sold. During a teleconference last week with journalists, she spoke about life on the road, her success, and future plans. Dolly Parton has had many awards and achievements over the five decades that she has performed. When asked how she wants to be remembered by, Dolly Parton’s response to Kentucky Country Music was,
“There are great highlights. I think I’m proud of the fact that I’ve had an opportunity, now that I’m an older person, to honestly say that I have lived to see my dreams come true. ‘Cause I know that a lot of people, don’t. A lot of people have the same dreams that I do. A lot of them more talented; write better songs, sing better songs, better performers, work just as hard. And never actually had the success that I’ve had. So every single day I’m just grateful and thankful, that I’ve been allowed to see my dreams come true. I’m thankful to the fans out there. Course now there are some highlights, that are important to me, things like when I became a member of The Grand Ole Opry, back in the late ‘60s. Like the Kennedy awards and things like that. When I started the Imagination Library, the literacy program that I have and saw that become such a big success. So there are many, many things that I’m very proud of and hopefully they’ll be lots and lots more. But the biggest thing is, Hey I’m like Minnie Pearl, ‘I’m just so proud to be here.'”
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