Support Good Music: Whitey Morgan to record new album with help from fans

When you want to hear a good country music song, you will want to turn to the music of Whitey Morgan.  I heard about Whitey Morgan several years ago and have been fortunate to see him live a few times.  He’s going to be trekking through Kentucky in July for a series of dates.  I HIGHLY recommend you seeing him live in concert.  {Click here for review.} He is entertaining with not only his vocals, guitar picking, songwriting, and has a great beard.  {If you know me, I always love a good beard.}

I am a supporter of helping others with their music projects when they want to do things on their own.  Being a musician is rough and you never know what to expect.   You might have a handful of people at your show or you might have hundreds or thousands at your show.

Whitey Morgan is hoping to make $30,000 with his Kickstarter fund to record an album without any support from a record label.  To me, that is quite low amount to ask the fans to help get this music out there to folks.  {Look at JoDee Messina who asked for $200,000.}

You can donate at various amounts and there are some cool packages at the different levels.  Click here for complete details. Whitey Morgan has until June 29th to reach his goal and he is less than $5000 of reaching it.  Let’s lend a hand and donate to this great cause!

Be sure to also check out his website

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