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Way Out Here with Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson at WFKY Froggy Field Party in 2010. Photo by Jessica Blankenship

The month of May I seem to want to shut off from the world ever since 2010.  It would be the month my nephews & niece would be forced to celebrate Mother’s Day without their mom.  It would be the month she should be blowing out the candles of her birthday cake.  It would be the month I should be celebrating my wedding anniversary.  However, instead of being a month of celebrations, it would be a month of memories.  Some good, some bad.  In 2010, my sister in law passed away the first of June.  I would also get a divorce.  Last May, we lost my grandma.
Not only do we have the memories, we also have the songs that keep us going.  You know of songs in your personal life that take you back or help you get through the hard times.  Two songs come to mind.  First would be The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young.”  I remember my sister in law being the one to tell me about the song just a week before her passing.  I remember her saying that it was a powerful song that she knows will go to #1.  In May of 2011 a year later the Band Perry would be certified Platinum for that song.
The other song would be Josh Thompson’s “Way Out Here.”  It was the one song that while traveling with my nephews they would sing.  It described our family.
We won’t take a dime if we ain’t earned it

When it comes to weight brother we pull our own

If it’s our backwoods way of livin’ you’re concerned with


You can leave us alone
We’re about John Wayne, Johnny Cash and John Deere
Way out here


In July 2010, Josh Thompson would play at the WFKY Froggy Field Party.  I was honored to be able to sit down and have a conversation with Josh.  I had interviewed him before, but this time was different.  I rarely share my personal stories of a song with a songwriter.  But this time was different and I was able to thank him for that song.  It is one of those conversations and his kind words that made me a life long fan of his music.
Friday night, Josh Thompson will be playing at 4th Street Live in Louisville and I’ll definitely be there.  Next week marks 4 years since we lost my sister in law. Thankfully we have good memories, as well as good music to help us get through the hard times.
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