The Road to Waylon Jennings

A vagabond dreamer, a rhymer and singer of songs
Singing to no one and nowhere to really belong
I have been a fan of Waylon Jennings for quite some time.  There is something about his vocals, his swagger, his guitar playing, and the lyrics that makes anyone a fan of his.  This past week I was in Nashville for a few days and decided to do some exploring around town.

Then I remember the one place I’ve heard about, listened to it being sung in songs, and yet never knew where it was.  That place was Waylon Jennings Office and studio.  You might recall hearing about it during his song, “Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit Done Got Out of Hand.”

We were wrapped up in our music, that’s why we never saw,
The cars pull up, the boys get out and the room fill up with law.
They came pounding through the back door in the middle of the song.
They got me for possession of something that was gone, long gone.

Nestled along the manicured lawns of offices and houses along Music Row on 17th Avenue South, there it sits.  The simple off-white/tan brick home that once was the home of Waylon Jennings office and studio. Correction: According to Waylon’s son, Buddy, this house was actually the home of Road Inc.  The grey house to the left in the photo below was the home of Waylon’s studio & office.

Waylon Jennings Office…to the right – Photo by Jessica Blankenship

 On the left side of the house, hidden away somewhat is the infamous flying W Waylon emblem above a stain glass window.

 Photo by Jessica Blankenship

Waylon Jennings Emblem – Photo by Jessica Blankenship

Waylon Jennings Emblem – Photo by Jessica Blankenship

Waylon Jennings Emblem – Photo by Jessica Blankenship
As a Waylon fan, you can’t help but smile thinking about all the great memories that those walls hold inside of them.  

Jessica Blankenship

Jessica Blankenship is the owner and founder of Kentucky Country Music website. The Berea College graduate has been a music journalist and historian for over 20 years. She enjoys providing concert photography, reviews, historical articles, red carpet event coverage, and exclusive interviews of your favorite musicians.  Jessica is proud to be a Kentucky Colonel and alumni of the FFA and 4-H Clubs. In 2018, she was named one of Laurel County's Ten Under 40 Award Recipients.  In 2019, she was a member of the Inaugural class of BRIGHT Kentucky as part of Leadership Kentucky.  She has been featured on the Kentucky Music Preview podcast, Hollercast podcast, Overtones radio show, WFKY Nashville News Roundup, KET, and more.  Beyond music, she enjoys traveling, helping her community, collecting gnomes, and Volkswagens.

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