Happy Birthday to Skeeter Davis

Today would have been Skeeter Davis’s birthday.  The Dry Ridge, Kentucky native was born back in 1931 and left a mark on country music.  Skeeter Davis was the first country music female artist to be nominated for a Grammy award.
In 1973, Skeeter Davis was banned from being a Grand Ole Opry complaining about arrests of a Christian group’s members.  She was later allowed to come back to the Opry in 1975.  In those days, and even today, it was hard for a woman to speak her mind without getting into trouble.  Word was that Roy Acuff made a plea on stage of the Opry to reinstate the death penalty after the murder of another Kentucky native, Stringbean Akemon.  He didn’t receive a fallout, yet Skeeter Davis did.
Sadly we lost the legend in 2004 due to breast cancer.  Below is one of her many performances of the hit song, “End of the World.”