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Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser Bring Country Soul to Louisville

Two gentlemen that are no strangers to Louisville provided pure country entertainment to the sold out crowd at the Louisville Palace Theater.  Country singers Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser packed the theater on Friday night with a memorable performance that will be talked for quite some time. 

Randy Houser – by Jessica Blankenship

Starting promptly at 7:30 PM, Randy Houser walked out on stage with no fluff, no dramatics, just him and his guitar with a simple hello to the crowd.  He soon cranked it into high gear with “My Kind of Country” and blended his show with hits off his current album, as well as his soon-to-be released album.  With vocal power with much soul, Randy got the crowd cheering for more.  The crowd finally raised to its feet with the strumming of the first few notes of “Boots On”, followed by Houser’s latest hit, “Whistling Dixie.”

After a very short ten minute break, the lights went dim as the sound of steel guitarist Cowboy Eddie Long playing the first few notes of “High Cost of Living.”  Enters the man of the hour, Jamey Johnson with a wave to the crowd as he picked up his guitar.  From that moment, the fans realized they were in for a real treat.

Within an hour, fans were taken back to the country with selections of Johnson’s “That Lonesome Song” album.  Throughout the show, the fans from Kentucky showed that they truly love the music of country music’s outlaw.  Johnson also featured “Can’t Cash My Checks,” co-written with Jason Cope, that was sung previously only at Farm Aid 2009.  He also sang unreleased hit, “Nothing Was Better Than You.”  With the award winning In Color, the fans sang along note for note alongside Johnson who gave it his all.

Jamey Johnson – by Jessica Blankenship

Afterwards, the fun continued as Randy Houser and his band joined in for two more hours of entertainment. Reaching back into the country music history discography, both provided their own blend to the mix.  From George Jones to Vern Gosdin, with a mix of Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams, Jr., there was something for everyone. Anyone that is a fan of country pop, well I’m sorry, but you won’t find that stuff in this show.  Throughout the show, both thanked their fans for their continued success and showed that they are in it for the fans and not for the money.

Country radio should be listening closely to these two acts who are preserving country music with their songs and performances.  Country fans definitely showed with their hearts, voices, and pocketbooks that they want to hear real country music and they didn’t leave Louisville disappointed.

Kentucky fans will be able to see Johnson again in a couple of weeks, alongside Colt Ford and Josh Thompson at the East KY Expo Center in Pikeville for their New Years Eve Festivities.  Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.