Pine Mountain State Resort Park to host 40th Annual Great American Dulcimer Convention

Pine Mountain State Park will be hosting the 40th Annual Great American Dulcimer Convention on September 23-24, 2016.  This long running musical event is made up of both free learning workshops during the day Saturday and must-see evening concerts Friday & Saturday. Come early on September 24 and enjoy the Frontier Night Buffet in the park’s Mountain View Restaurant as well, featuring buffalo and elk entrees.

Featured artists for the 2016 convention include Anne MacFie, Heidi Muller, Ted Yoder, Nancy Barker and Josh Noe, February Sky, and Miller, Miller, and Meyer.
Pine Mountain State Resort Park is located in Pineville, KY.  They have a special weekend getaway package for the convention.  It includes 2-nights lodging, dulcimer concerts, and Frontier Night Buffet (w/gratuity) on Saturday night.  Single occupancy is $210.97, while it is $262.02 for a couple.  Taxes and fees are not included in the package price.  If you would like to attend the concerts without lodging, they are $10 each night. To reserve your package call 606-337-3066
A schedule of events will be posted at closer to the event. You can also check out Pine Mountain State Resort Park’s Facebook page at

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