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Love and heartache revealed in latest music releases

Valentine’s Day is usually reserved for the love birds, but it often reminds folks of the heartaches.  How much more heartbreaking can it be than signing your divorce papers on the actual holiday?  Believe me when I say that has happened before.

Two songs were released today by two powerful vocalists that make you feel the love and heartache in their songs.  Erin Enderlin’s “I’d Do It Different” and Jen Tackett’s “If I Told You” were released today, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Kentucky native Jen Tackett brings her saucy smoky vocals to her song “If I Told You.”  Her thick tone reminisces the soul of Patsy Cline as she yearns to wonder if she should tell the other person about certain aspects of her life.  New relationships can be hard in determining how much you should talk about your past for fear of running them away.

Erin Enderlin always seems to have a way with words to form a song that brings you back to the time when folks like Tammy Wynette and Merle Haggard made you truly feel the lyric.  The listener can relate to the both sides of a relationship – one that is at home yearning for a relationship while the other is out on an adventure with freedom to do whatever.

Whether it is love or heartache, the ability of portraying the feeling through a song reveals a true songwriter in their craft.  Bringing the listener into the song to embrace the story, character, and overall feeling shows how you can move someone through words and instrumentation.  Both Jen and Erin excel in releasing songs that get you yearning for even more from that same thread of songs.