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Justin Wells releases Blue Moon of Kentucky to aid tornado victims

It is without question that one of the biggest disasters to hit Kentucky were the tornadoes on December 10, 2021 that hit western Kentucky.  For those affected, many have tried to find hope in the situation with many losing their homes, jobs, and unfortunately some losing their lives.

Kentuckians strapped on their boots and immediately went to work on helping one another.  Several benefit concerts have taken place since the disaster.  Upon hearing the news of the tornado, Justin Wells immediately started brainstorming ways to help the families who were directly affected. On December 14th, he went into the studio and recorded an emotional rendition of Bill Monroe’s classic, Blue Moon of Kentucky. They were able to turn the song around in 24 hours and release it exactly two weeks after recording. The point of recording and releasing the song is not about furthering Justin’s career, or chasing a viral moment, but is about creating hope for those who feel like all is lost. This song is very special to Justin as the people of Kentucky have given him and his family so much. His pledge is to give 100% of streaming revenue to United Way of Kentucky’s Tornado Fund, with a portion immediately going to the Muhlenberg Music Mission

We have heard several versions of Blue Moon of Kentucky over the years, but nothing has ever been done so eloquently as the way that Justin Wells has presented it.  His vocal phrasing and flow of the music really shines down on our Kentucky homes.

Here are various ways to download and listen to the song to help those affected by the tornadoes in Western Kentucky:

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