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Josh Teague highlights the simplicity of love through songs

Josh Teague’s newest EP contains “Pretty Flowers” and “Another Road Song.” Artwork done by Olivia Moody Smith.

What a beautiful day it is when one finds love and writes the words of their story into a song.  Josh Teague of Corbin did just that with his single, “Pretty Flowers.”  The song was written by Josh for his wife, Michaela, and performed at their wedding.

“Pretty Flowers” is a simplistic song with lyrics that speak of a true love with lyrics bouncing through the strum of a guitar and banjo picking.  Josh Teague’s vocals is pure reflection of southern Kentucky vocalists.  No matter the season, or the fact we all get older, love will always remain.  The young lady will know that the singer’s love does not require shouting on the rooftops, but instead his love is performed through song’s lyrics.  This song clocks in just over 2 minutes and leaves you wanting to sing along by the end of the tune.

Anyone that is a traveler, they could relate to Josh Teague’s “Another Road Song.”  The road may be weary and there may be some bumps in the road to your destination.  The song pays tribute to Willie Nelson, Johnny Paycheck, and other legends with the mentioning of “I can sleep when I’m dead,” “on the road again,” and “take this job and shove it” mixed into the lyrics.  The life of a traveling musician is a tough one, but they pass the time with songs to keep them company.  “Another Road Song” lays it down at a faster pace like the laid-back easy life of a small town with perhaps 1 red light on a Saturday afternoon.

Fellow Kentuckian and musician, Donovan Howard helped produce the two songs with Josh Teague.  You can find out more about Josh on his official website, as well as on Facebook. Listen to both songs below via Spotify.