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Tiffany Williams reveals her musical talents with “If It Wasn’t”

Just as a creek flows through the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky, Tiffany Williams’ vocals delicately intertwine with a guitar through her newest single, “If It Wasn’t.”  During this round, Williams teams up with Jonathan Dean with an everlasting blend of vocals and lyrics.

With “If It Wasn’t,” Tiffany Williams and Jonathan Dean excel at telling the story of two hearts at the end of their rope of a relationship and not realizing that the other feels the same way.  Each of them takes on a verse and bring it in together in moments to make it appear that they would sing each line to the other.  Behold the power of the song as you can feel the emotion between the two as they take on each line.

Tiffany Williams has one of those captivating vocals of pure talent that encompasses a lyric note for note.  Jonathan Dean brings strength and sorrow into the song. In all honesty, this would be a perfect song to make a music video for the duet.

Earlier this year, Tiffany Williams was named one of Kentucky Country Music’s Top Music Acts to Watch in 2020.  Last year, we sat down and talked to Tiffany about her debut album.  We look forward to listening to her upcoming music.

Listen to “If It Wasn’t” below and learn more about this Appalachian songstress by visiting her website.  You can download the tune starting August 28th on Itunes, as well as Spotify and Pandora.