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Tyler Booth releases ‘In God and Trucks We Trust’ as new single

Tyler Booth has released a new single, In God and Trucks We Trust.

Kentucky country music artist Tyler Booth’s autobiographical new track “In God and Trucks We Trust” is out now. Written by Booth, Randy Montana, and long-time collaborator Phil O’Donnell, the song illustrates the hard-working, faith-filled spirit Booth relates to from growing up in a small town in Kentucky. You can listen to the new tune by clicking here.

“When we wrote ‘In God and Trucks We Trust,’ I’d just gotten back from being on the road with Dwight Yoakam,” said Booth. “While on the road, I recall looking out the window of the sprinter van and seeing a dusty tractor out in the middle of a field somewhere in Iowa and thinking, ‘Man, they have to bust their butts for a living here too.’ To me it’s a story about how hard work, sacrifice, and the love of one another and God makes us stronger. It’s about the simple things in life that we do every day that make us a community. It’s about me, who I am, and why I am the way I am.”

“In God and Trucks We Trust” follows Booth’s debut tracks “Long Comes A Girl,” “Where The Livin’ Is,” and “Half A Mind To Go Crazy,” all of which highlight his smooth baritone vocals.  Kentucky Country Music website has made Tyler Booth one of its Kentucky music acts to watch in 2020.

Road warrior, song-smith, and proud Kentucky native Tyler Booth has been making a name for himself in country music since he first started playing festivals around his home state as a high school student. Born and raised in Wolfe County, Kentucky, he grew up in a musical family, often sitting in on the rehearsals of his dad’s rock band. After enrolling in Morehead State University’s Traditional Music Studies program, he quickly caught the attention of one of his professors, Scott Miller, an old friend of songwriter Phil O’Donnell (George Strait, Craig Morgan). After Miller made the connection, O’Donnell invited Booth to Nashville, where the two cut his first EP, Self-Titled , released independently in 2017. Fast-forward two years, and the singer’s star is rising quickly — he is featured on legendary duo Brooks and Dunn’s country swing-style ballad, “Lost and Found” on their REBOOT album, amid his heavy touring schedule, and a short nine months later, he becomes the first artist signed to Sony Music Nashville and Villa 40’s joint-venture agreement. Now, armed with an Outlaw bent and three infectious debut tracks, “Long Comes A Girl,” “Where The Livin’ Is” and “Half A Mind To Go Crazy,” Booth continues to build a career in country music, one fan at a time.

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