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Rye Davis showcases songwriting talents with Cut to Tape

Each and every day it seems like we are asking who’s going to fill the shoes of the legends in country music. One listen to Kentucky native, Rye Davis, and you’ll be asking for more. His second album, “Cut to Tape,” has recently been released and quenching the thirst of country music.

Right off the bat, you get to feeling like you’re listening to early Waylon and Merle with “If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll.” The driving beat gets your foot stomping and body swaying as you want to holler in agreement.

Next up, the stone cold country tune, “Save You a Seat,” points out how we shouldn’t cast stones towards another. Rye’s baritone vocals puts a stern warning to those that decide to judge another.

One of my favorite tunes is “King Me,” as it reminds me of simpler times in life in the eyes and words of our parents. The song itself goes on about how the parent remembers these things, but he cannot remember his son’s name due to dealing with dementia. I know the first time I heard the song, it brought tears to my eyes upon hearing the last line. Now that is what it means to have a song with meaning that hits the heart.

With “Everyday America,” Rye Davis picks up the pace to highlight the people and places that keeps America stronger. This song couldn’t come at a more perfect time given the circumstances of what is happening in America today.

Finally, the album concludes with the beauty of a love story in “Stone to Stone.” It tells of the story of young love living stone to stone with the lyrics “We ain’t ever far from home and love ain’t ever really gone. We’re just living stone to stone.” From marriage to a new home, to the death of a loved one, we do live a love life from stone to stone. Of all the songs I have heard, I just cannot imagine performing this live in concert as it is bound to pull on the heartstrings.

Be sure to check out Rye Davis online at You can also check him out on social media, and most importantly, his songs are available online.  Below is a lyrical video of “King Me” off of the album.