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Relive memories of Kickin’ It On the Creek with new album release

Dolceola Recordings just announced the release of the compilation “Just Behind the Creek Sampler: Field Recording at Kickin’ It on the Creek 2019,” now available exclusively on Bandcamp through April 30th.

The album is a sampler of “Just Behind the Creek: Field Recording at Kickin’ It on the Creek 2019,” set to be released in September 2020 from Dolceola Recordings and is offering 17 songs played by 17 artists. All tracks were newly recorded just behind the stage of the Kickin’ It on the Creek, one of the best music festivals in Appalachia organized by Byron Roberts of Wolfpen Productions, featuring around 40 local and regional bands in the mountains of Estill and Lee Counties in Kentucky.  The festival was named one of Kentucky Country Music’s Ten Must See Events in 2019.  These recordings show a wide variety of music with renowned and talented musicians mostly from Appalachia, playing from traditional tunes to their beautiful original songs.

“Music has helped the people of Appalachia through rough times for generations,” according to Byron Roberts, organizer of the festival.  “These artists are always the first to help when tragedy strikes. When a major storm struck Estill County in 2017, 29 acts didn’t hesitate to step up and do their part to help 22 families that had lost their homes. They never hesitate to help. In any way. Now is our time to give back.”

The album is available exclusively on Bandcamp from April 13, 2020 until April 30, 2020. All proceeds from this sampler will go directly to musicians to support serious impacts they are currently having due to COVID-19 crisis.  The recordings took place on September 20-21, 2019 at the Kickin’ It On the Creek Music Festival and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering.

Track Listing:
Bobby Britt: Improvisation / Little Pine Siskin / Out of the Woods
Teresa Prince: Pepsi Girl
Brett Ratliff: Pass Around the Bottle
Blakeley Burger: Glory in the Meeting House
Don Rogers: Greek Medley
Montana Hobbs: I Love My Honey
John Thomas: Ashokan Farewell
Walter DeBarr: Oceans
Ritch Henderson: If It’s Only for Tonight
Joe Macheret: Red Mountain Wine
Sean Geil: I Saw a Man at the Close of Day
Chris Shouse: Don’t Have a Clue
Crownover: Alive (somehow)
Jesse Wells: Muddy Creek
Abe Partridge: Appalachian Farewell
Padre Paul Handelman: Gypsy Home
Senora May: All of My Love