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Mama Said String Band release new album, Carry the Water

Mama Said String BandAs the host of a radio show and podcast – I find myself asking a familiar question to most performers that go like this:  “what is the name of this next song you are going to perform?”

Imagine the surprise, delight and pure curiosity that was ignited when Mama Said String Band’s response to that question was “This song is titled ‘Nameless’.”

Living in a time where most music is written to meet a certain criteria of expected and accepted adherence to the “rules” of how musicians do things in songwriting world – I was immediately intrigued to hear this song performed live in my studio,  I also felt an anticipation and expected level of patience beyond what someone should be expected to wait to hear this on a piece of recorded history I could cherish forever and as much and as often as I like.

With the June 14, 2019 release of their sophomore album, “Carry the Water” that is now what has happened, not only to me- but to both new and loyal fans of a band “named” Mama Said String Band comprised of Katie Didit, David O’Neal, Kaitlen Farmer Steph Kidd and Adlai Filiatreau.

Mama Said String Band

While one of the songs on “Carry the Water” is the song titled “Nameless”, the qualities of Mama Said String Band’s entire work of musical art on this album evoke more expression than what words alone can express but let’s give it the “college” try.  MSSB’s perfect trifecta of artistry, musical expression, and passion are all signature qualities that clearly make their presence known on this album.  This trifecta compliments a perfect blend and synergy of interwoven bluegrass and classical themes making for something that feels wild, unique, exciting, and at times- chaotic…but in the end bringing resolution that occurs without the listener even knowing exactly how they all got there…all at the same time…all together…and in perfect harmony.

While the members of this band can evoke genius and choose to title one of their most transformative original songs- “Nameless” , one simply cannot NOT “name” this band as anything “less” than that what they truly are- and that is absolutely, without debate – BRILLIANT, CREATIVE AND INCREDIBLY INNOVATIVE.

Just when you have days where you have sat back and accepted the current state of music as being over-commercialized, fitting into a specific mold, and incredibly generic in nature – you have DAYS where you hear the work of Mama Said String Band and realize these days are few and far between.

And by the way…Mama said there’d be days like this…And Mama was absolutely right!

Be sure to check out Mama Said String Band online at

Mama Said String Band Perform “Nameless” on Overtones Hosted By Renee Collins and Whitney Acke from Renee Collins on Vimeo.