Month: March 2019

A behind the scenes look at the Loretta Lynn Ranch

Dresses that Loretta Lynn made herself early in her career on display at the Coal Miner's Daughter Museum in Hurricane Mills. Photo by Jessica Blankenship.

You have probably seen the movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” as well as read the two biographies on Loretta Lynn.  However, I highly suggest that you take the journey to Butcher Holler in far east Kentucky to see the original homeplace that Loretta Lynn and her family grew up.  Then head down to Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, …

The Wooks celebrate bittersweet goodbye to Arthur

The Wooks performing at The Burl on March 2, 2019. Photo by Jon Grace.

Concerts usually aren’t described as bittersweet. They’re either incredible or bleh…most of the time the former.  The Wooks’ Saturday, March 2nd, performance at the Burl was bittersweet – bittersweet and incredible. Seeing a show at the Burl is always fantastic.  Kentucky’s fueling a musical Renaissance right now, and the Burl has become its Sistine Chapel. …