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Dan Conn shines on with latest music release

Dan Conn released his newest album, “Shine On,” on November 30th.

In western Kentucky, there sits a small town called Sebree that Dan Conn calls home.  The community is just south of Henderson.  Like many small farming communities, people enjoy country music about the way they live.  For Dan Conn, those songs come with ease to write.  On November 30th, he released his latest album, “Shine On.”

“Shine On” was recorded from his home studio rather than in Nashville.  “I wanted to be relaxed and not rushed in this recording.  I liked not being on a time limit and be able to create a vision that I wanted,” Conn reflected.

Dan Conn has been writing and performing for over 40 years, having released several albums.  One of his musical influences is that of Tom Petty.  According to Dan, “I decided to add Tom’s ‘Southern Accent’ onto the album because I enjoyed his songwriting style.  I felt connected to folks like him and John Mellencamp because they sang about that small town lifestyle.”

One of the songs that had the biggest emotional impact for him was “I Don’t Mind.”  The first single release from the album is “Green Eyed Girl.”  “I believe that ‘Green Eyed Girl’ is a good representation of the album as a whole,” Conn said.

Overall the laidback homegrown approach to the album succeeds in showcasing Dan Conn’s songwriting capabilities.  Be sure to catch Dan Conn out on the road, as well as online at