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WFKY honors its music roots with Froggy Field Party

There is always something special in the air when it comes to the annual WFKY Froggy Field Party.  The relaxed atmosphere surrounding music fans brings out the best in people. Each year, listeners get to enjoy the sounds of country music coming from the souls of singer songwriters that pour their hearts out through lyrics. This year was no exception of being a showcase of top notch talent from beginning to end highlighting the past, present, and future of country music.

When I say showcasing the past, present, and future of country music, I mean that the artists on hand honor their roots by performing select classic country hits. They also live in the present by performing their original hits. With that combination, they are helping preserve the future of country music and each have the ability to have staying power.

Fans gathered around to watch Josh Martin, David Everett Johnson, and Jamie Tingle perform in the round of their individual written songs, as well as a few classic country songs. As each performed, it was evident that each young man had a tremendous amount of songwriting talent that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Add in good vocals and stage presence, you can see why fans were quick to jump to their feet and provide an ovation. Josh Martin currently has a cd released and can be purchased online. David Everett Johnson will be releasing his first singing in early September and is currently working on his debut album. Jamie Tingle continues to shine with his soaring vocals as a solo act.

Josh Martin, David Everett Johnson, and Jamie Tingle at the Froggy Field Party 9. Photo by Jessica Bray.

After the singer-songwriter stage, fans gathered in the big field in preparation for the main acts on stage. Erin Enderlin is no stranger to the stage. (Check out my interview with her prior to the Field Party.) On stage, she shared stories about individual songs that she had written over the years. One of the biggest success stories was that of co-writing “Monday Morning Church.” Alan Jackson would enter the studio, along with Patty Loveless, and pour their hearts into the song. It garnered attention both with radio airplay, as well as with award shows.

Erin Enderlin at the Froggy Field Party 9. Photo by Jessica Bray.

Dillon Carmichael was just on the singer-songwriter stage a couple of years ago before taking presence onto the main stage. His strong vocal powers backed by a band that performed to entertain for the crowd was a great combination. Fans were up on their feet dancing with several songs, including “Kentucky Will.” If there is one thing that stood out the most, Dillon has the key to turn a song into a perfect stone cold honky-tonk hit.

Dillon Carmichael at the Froggy Field Party 9. Photo by Jessica Bray.

At the end of the night, Mo Pitney took the stage alongside his brother and sister, who both play in the band. (Check out our interview with Mo Pitney here.)  His entertaining set was intertwined between his personally written songs and those made by legends in the music business. He told of the story of meeting Merle Haggard before pointing out two fans that had shirts that said “I Met Mo Pitney Today.”

Mo Pitney with Rayna Waford and Ramsey Nicholson, also known as the duo “R&R – Rayna and Ramsey.”

He also performed Merle’s song, “Farmer’s Daughter,” in dedication to his baby daughter who was standing side stage with his wife. Throughout the night, you would see him glance over towards his wife during different songs showing his love towards her and their daughter.

Mo Pitney performing at the WFKY Froggy Field Party on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Photo by Jessica Bray of Kentucky Country Music.

One touching and emotional moment of the night was when Mo Pitney and his sister did a duet of Vern Gosdin’s “Til the End.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as their vocals soared high above the mountain tops. It was a moment that captured the hearts of the fans in the crowd.

Froggy Field Party has been celebrating 9 years of country music. It has always guaranteed to be an excellent time for both performers and listeners. The amazing part is that they have been able to obtain acts before their careers take a much higher step. For more information on WFKY, be sure to check out their website at