Crystal Gayle to be highlighted on The Big Interview

Loretta Lynn with Crystal Gayle
It seems as though 2017 is the year of Crystal Gayle.  With her recent induction into the Grand Ole Opry, as well as being featured on several tributes, she has been gaining attention in a positive way.  Fans can watch her on AXS TV on March 7, 2017, as she sits down with Dan Rather on “The Big Interview.”  During the show, she opens up about her relationship with her older sister, Loretta Lynn, as well as doing things her own way and finding her own way.
In a recent issue of “Closer Magazine,” she told the secret of aging.  According to Crystal Gayle, “as I’ve gotten older, I worry less about the small things. I feel great and still love to perform!”

One of the most defining attributes of Gayle’s remarkable style is her unique ability to really connect with the songs she sings and she and Rather spend time discussing this topic. Revealing how she’s been able to develop this skill, Gayle says, “You have to be able to put the words across, the lyrics. You have to have a little bit of acting. It’s really in tone, too… You just go in there and you sing, and you put your heart and soul into it, and hope someone likes it.”

While Gayle and her older sister, Loretta Lynn, have both enjoyed tremendous success in country music, she explains that there really wasn’t any sibling rivalry going on—despite some of the media’s reports. Gayle says, “We were so busy, both of us, in our careers, that we really didn’t have time to bicker…We really didn’t have problems. Of course, we’re sisters, we can bicker. In the studio, you should hear us when we’re trying to learn a song. But, no, we really did not have the problem. I look up to my sister. We both have flaws in different ways, but… we love each other. We overlook, and that’s why I think our family is so great.”
Below is a preview of her episode of “The Big Interview”