Bluegrass festival to honor Kentucky singer’s 100th birthday

This weekend marks the 100th birthday of David Akemon, better known as Stringbean.  He was an internationally known country music performer on the Grand Ole Opry and Hee Haw.  Stringbean was a native of Jackson County, Kentucky, where they continue to host the annual Stringbean Memorial Bluegrass Festival.  Sadly, Stringbean was killed by robbers in 1973 after he performed on the Grand Ole Opry.

This year’s Stringbean Memorial Bluegrass Festival and 100th Birthday Bash will be held at the Stringbean Festival Grounds on June 18-20, 2015.  Many bluegrass musicians will be on hand to perform, including the following:

Thursday June 18th:
3:30 Showcase Stage
4:20 Second Wind Bluegrass
5:10 Ken Shack
6:00 Bear Branch Bluegrass
6:50 Second Wind Bluegrass
7:40 Ken Shack
8:30 Ralph Stanley II
10:00 Bear Branch Bluegrass

Friday, June 19th:
3:30   Showcase Stage
4:20    Phillip Akemon & Flatlick Stringbean’s Nephew
5:10    Fritts Family
6:00    Millers Creek
6:50    Crimson Cross 
8:20    Phillip Akemon & Flatlick Stringbean’s Nephew
9:10    Fritts Family
10:00   Millers Creek

Saturday, June 20th
2:30   Showcase  Stage
3:20   Pete Webb
3:50   Campbell Mercer & Family from Jerusalem Ridge BG Festival       
4:40   Sammy Adkins & Sandy Hook Mt Boys   
5:30   Wilderness Trail 
6:20   Laurel River Line 
7:10   Campbell Mercer & Family from Jerusalem Ridge BG Festival  
8:00   County Judge Executive Shane Gabbard with Representative Marie Rader & Senator Albert Robinson
8:20   Sammy Adkins & Sandy Hook Mt Boys  
9:10   Wilderness Trail      
10:00  Laurel River Line 

Admission for a 3-day pass at the gate is $45.  Single day tickets are $15 each.  Camping with electric is $25 per day, while primitive camping is free with ticket.

For more information, be sure to check out, or call 606-287-0600

Stringbean Memorial, Inc. is a non-profit corporation named in honor of David “Stringbean” Akemon, native of Jackson County, Kentucky, who was an internationally known musician and performer at the Grand Ole Opry and the television show, Hee Haw. The mission of Stringbean Memorial, Inc., is to organize, plan and host annual, traditional music and heritage festivals in Jackson County to honor the memory of the legendary “Stringbean”; to preserve and promote traditional Bluegrass and mountain music; to provide opportunities for area youth to explore, develop and expand their musical abilities; and to preserve, through education and demonstration, the area’s cultural heritage.