Story behind the Keith Whitley and Patty Loveless 1989 Hazard concert

WSGS Radio station in Hazard, Kentucky, always has some neat tidbits and stories from eastern Kentucky.  This one posted on their Facebook page is one to definitely read.

Original Ticket Stub from Keith Whitley and Patty Loveless concert in 1989
On This Day in History: May 27th 1989: Keith Whitley was scheduled to perform in concert in Hazard, Kentucky, however he died 18 days earlier of alcohol poisoning. WSGS began playing the East Kentucky native’s music long before he was a star and he was a frequent caller to the station in Hazard. He once landed a spot on Channel 57’s Jamboree in Hazard when he was a struggling musician. He later charted 19 singles on Billboard’s charts with five straight number one songs. His May 27th 1989 concert in Hazard, Kentucky was much anticipated and heavily promoted by WSGS, but the show was not to be with his untimely death at the age of 33. Patty Loveless, who was also scheduled to perform, went on with the show in Hazard without Keith. A sadness swept over Patty and the entire audience but she carried on for the appreciative crowd. Click on the audio link to listen to one of Keith’s conversations with WSGS: