Country singer T. Graham Brown excited over new release and Grammy nomination

T. Graham Brown – photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images
When T. Graham Brown and his wife loaded up their 1959 Ford Station Wagon and 1963 Volkswagen Beetle and made the journey to Nashville years ago, they never realized the impact he would make in country music today. On Sunday, they will be attending the Grammy Awards with hopes of earning an award for Best Album – Gospel Roots for “Forever Changed.”

When I asked what it would mean to him if he won the Grammy, T. Graham Brown said, “Oh my, I really haven’t thought about it to be honest. I am truly honored to be recognized and nominated. This album means a lot to me and to share it among friends.”

Brown’s latest release, “Forever Change,” features many duets on spirituals, including the Oak Ridge Boys, Vince Gill, and more. The one song with the deepest meaning was “Wine Into Water.” The song was written at a time that Brown was facing his demons and seeking guidance.

“I feel like Sheila and I are stewards of the song,” recalls Brown. “We just posted a video on Facebook of an acoustic version of the song. To this day, we hear stories of folks that were affected by that song.”

Everyone usually knows someone, whether it is themselves, or a loved one, that is going through a tough time. It could be from depression, drugs, or alcohol. For those in need, T. Graham Brown notes the best advice he could give is to, “pray about it and God will give you insight on what to do. The first thing you need to realize is that you have a problem. There is a lot of support out there. You just have to ask.”

When there are shows like “Country Family Reunion” and “Larry’s Country Dinner,” on RFD-TV, you know that country music is not dead. “I love taping those shows and getting to hang out with my heroes,” according to Brown. “They are getting ready to run a sweethearts episode and that was great to be a part of.”

In the end, I asked T. Graham Brown how he wants to be best remembered by. “I hope people realize that I am trying to do what God wanted me to do and help others.” In helping others through his music and charity work, he is indeed spreading the word of God and doing well for the better of our world.

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