KY Homegrown: The Stone Pansy

The Stone Pansy of Oneida, Kentucky
As you know, not only do I enjoy music, but I enjoy supporting our local artisans and small businesses.  One of my goals in 2015 is to try to spotlight some of my personal favorite local folks here in Kentucky.  These are businesses, musicians, craftsmen/women, etc that I have personally done business with over time.  You won’t see posts that the person sent me something in exchange to say something nice.  Nope, these are people that I want to toot a horn and say “listen up – lookey here!”

Several years ago, I attended the World Chicken Festival here in London, Kentucky.  Yep, our claim to fame is celebrating the history of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Interestingly enough – the original KFC is 10 miles south of London, yet it is in Laurel County.  So, we have a festival of food, fun, games, and music.  Lots of fried chicken and music for the whole family.

One of the booths that they had was a local artisan tent.  It featured local artisans and their items up for sale.  Immediately, one of the items that caught my eye were handpainted rocks.  I found out that the lady that did this beautiful artwork was friends with my sister in law who had recently passed away at the time.  I ended up purchasing a rock with a pink butterfly in her memory.
Some of artwork of The Stone Pansy (via Facebook)
Later on, I was at the London Community Center for their annual Sights and Sounds of Christmas show.  It is jammed pack with all kinds of great Christmas decor and gifts.  I ran into Lisa, who had even more wonderful painted items, including snowmen ornaments, jewelry, and more.  I purchased another butterfly rock to send to the parents of a friend of mine that passed away.  I also purchased a butterfly necklace and snowman ornament.

It is now tradition that each year I purchase a rock and/or a snowman ornament.  The intricate details with the paint just floor me.  She provides high quality work at a reasonable rate.  You can check out her work via Facebook at