Five Reasons Why I Love Kentucky

If you are from Kentucky, you know that we are more than horses, bourbon, and basketball.  There are other things about Kentucky that makes us proud to call it home.  Here are my personal five reasons why I love being a Kentuckian.  Post a comment below on why you enjoy this wonderful state!

1) Beautiful Outdoors – there is no place like driving through the backwoods of Kentucky in the spring and fall.  We also have trails for cyclists, ATVs, hiking, and more to enjoy the vast majority of nature.  From the Appalachian Mountains to the plains of the west, there is something for everyone in this state.
Back Roads of Kentucky – Photo by Jessica Blankenship
2) Music – whether you like country, bluegrass, Appalachian, rock, or rap, someone in those genres is from here in Kentucky. We are downright proud of our musical heritage.  So much that we have a Country Music Highway and a Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum.
Butcher Holler – Home of Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle – Photo by Jessica Blankenship
3) Food – Kentucky is home of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Derby Pie, The Honeybun, The Hot Brown, Mint Julep, Bibb Lettuce, and so many southern culinary delights.  Food Network loves coming here to film their shows.
Parkette Drive In in Lexington, KY – Photo by Jessica Blankenship
4) Crafts – If you want the most well crafted product in the world made in the USA, may I suggest one of the many artisans throughout our state?  Stop by the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea for a peek of some handmade crafts.  Each county has their own unique series of artisans and craftsmen.
Crafts from Shaker Village – Photo by Jessica Blankenship
5) Small Towns – Thanks to the Kentucky Map Dot website, you can view a slice of all of our favorite small towns that are in our beautiful state.  Rural America shines with the people that call these small towns their home.
Which direction should we go from Rabbit Hash? – Photo by Jessica Blankenship.