Birthday Celebration with WSM-AM

WSM Radio listeners celebrating 89 years! {Photo by WSM Staff}
One thing I always hate hearing someone say is, “they never play country music on the radio.”  Open your ears and you will find country music on the radio.  In fact, one of those stations just celebrated its 89th birthday and I joined in on the celebration.

WSM 650 AM out of Nashville, Tennessee has been going strong for 89 years this week.  It is also the home of the legendary Grand Ole Opry program.  You can hear the station live on the radio (even up here in Kentucky with a little bit of static), online at, and via the Tune-In app or the WSM app on your smart phone.  Talk about technology over the years.  My grandparents would have to listen to just the radio and now I can listen to the station anywhere and everywhere I go for the most part!

Thursday morning, I as well as about 20 other folks gathered at the Grand Ole Opry House.  My buddy Amy that I’ve known for several years joined me.  She now lives in Nashville, so it was a treat to get to spend some time with her. 

We were treated to some delicious donuts, drinks, and fellowship in the Green Room of the Opry.  On hand were Bill Cody and Charlie Mattos doing their morning segment show, Coffee, Country, and Cody.  We all sat around and watched as they did their show.

Chuck Mead and Bill Cody {Photo by Jessica Blankenship}

WSM Listeners at the 89th Birthday Party {Photo by WSM Staff}

Charlie Mattos and Bill Cody live from the Green Room of the Grand Ole Opry {Photo by Jessica Blankenship}
Special guests that morning were Chuck Mead, Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers, and Wendy Newcomer.  I was cracking up with Chuck Mead’s sayings, tapping my toes along with Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers, and swaying to the soulful sounds of Wendy Newcomer.

Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers {Photo by Jessica Blankenship}

Wendy Newcomer {Photo by Jessica Blankenship}
We were lead on a private tour of the Grand Ole Opry, minus the videos and such.  We went into the Friends and Neighbors Room, one that I haven’t seen the inside of.  The young gentleman provided some information on particular photos of folks not music related but are friends of the Opry.  It was very interested who has visited there over the years.  From Presidents to Rock Stars to Actors to….Lassie the dog.

Friends and Neighbors Room at the Grand Ole Opry {Photo by Jessica Blankenship}

Haunting eeriness of an empty hallway of the Grand Ole Opry House.  {Photo by Jessica Blankenship}

Where the Grand Ole Opry stars get their mail {Photo by Jessica Blankenship}

After the broadcast, I spoke with Bill Cody.  He is a fellow Kentucky native, having lived in Boyle, Lincoln, and Marion Counties.  It was a treat getting to speak to him in person and talk about Kentucky music as well.
Yours truly with Gnomecephus the Gnome and Bill Cody
If you are at the Grand Ole Opry House this fall, be sure to check out the Opry Pumpkin Patch.  I’m partial to Little Jimmy Dickens pumpkin of course!

Many thanks to WSM for the wonderful hospitality.  It is much appreciated and I had a wonderful time!