Catching up with Loretta Lynn

One of my favorite Kentucky country music singers, Loretta Lynn, has been a little bit all over with the news media here lately.  The native of Butcher Holler has been featured in quite a few interviews in national publications.  She was also featured on AXS TV’s “The Big Interview” with Dan Rather.  I was blessed to have seen Loretta Lynn on the front row at Renfro Valley not too long ago.  It was an absolute delight.

Nashville Scene interviewed Loretta Lynn – check out the interview here.  We find out that she is working on her newest album with Shawn Camp, who has made a name for himself as a singer and songwriter in the Nashville Community.  Tradition is a strong keyword when it comes to his musical style.

“I think there were girl singers out there that could out-sing me,” she says, “but they didn’t want to work for it. I’m glad that I had to work for it, and I did work hard. If it would’ve come easy, I wouldn’t have been as happy. I’m glad that I went for years without a band. I’m glad that I had to ride in the back of a car from one place to the other. If I had to sleep, I slept sitting up. I’m glad I had to work hard to do it. Them that runs out and gets a bus after one record, they’ll never stay. It’ll be one or two songs and that’ll be over, and I’m glad it ain’t me.” – Loretta Lynn to Nashville Scene

My buddy, Chuck Dauphin, with Billboard Magazine got to interview Loretta Lynn as well.  Be sure to check out his interview here.

“I never dreamed that I would be good enough to sing a song that people would like. Daddy would come out on the front porch while I was swinging the babies and getting them to sleep and say, ‘Loretta, hush your mouth. You can hear you all over Butcher Hollow.’ One day I looked at him and said, ‘Daddy, what difference does it make? They’re all my cousins.’ He almost whipped me, but he didn’t.” – Loretta Lynn to Billboard

You can catch Loretta Lynn on The Big Interview on AXS TV on Thur 9/11/2014 at 7:00 PM

and Sun 9/14/2014 at 12:30 PM.  Come Monday, 9/15, they will be featuring Jack White who helped produced one of Loretta’s records.

“I think that I’ve made enough noise that there ain’t nobody gonna forget me for awhile.” – Loretta Lynn to Dan Rather