Kentucky Meets Texas: Angaleena Presley and Sunny Sweeney

This week two exciting piece of album release news was released.  Even more so, both are of two female country music singers that are my favorite modern day singers to listen to.  They are east Kentucky native, Angaleena Presley, and east Texas native Sunny Sweeney.  

Sunny Sweeney is scheduled to release her third release, “Provoked,” on August 5th.  Several of the songs I have heard over the years performed live.  However, one track that was originally set to be on the album but was cut is “Dirty Laundry.”  Hopefully one day that song and “Unholy Trinity” will be released.  The second song is one that brought me down to tears one night while she sang it alongside Erin Enderlin and Tony Lane down at Puckett’s in Franklin, TN many moons ago.  I won’t say what songs, but there have been several that made me go “yep, I need to get out of my marriage and file for divorce….” and yes I got out and have been happily divorced for several years now.  

Sunny Sweeney Track Listing for Provoked includes
1. You Don’t Know Your Husband (Sunny Sweeney/Angaleena Presley/Mark D. Sanders)
2. Bad Girl Phase (Brandy Clark/Jessie Jo Dillon/Shannon Wright)
3. Second Guessing (Sunny Sweeney/Natalie Hemby)
4. Carolina on the Line (Sunny Sweeney/Brett Warren/Brad Warren/Lance Miller)
5. Find Me (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Jay Clementi)
6. Can’t Let Go (Randy Weeks)
7. Front Row Seats (Sunny Sweeney/Lance Miller/Brett Warren/Brad Warren)
8. My Bed (Sunny Sweeney/Angaleena Presley/Ashley Monroe)
9. Uninvited (Sunny Sweeney/Natalie Hemby)
10. Sunday Dress (Sunny Sweeney/Monty Holmes/Buddy Owens)
11. Used Cars (Sunny Sweeney/Natalie Hemby)
12. Backhanded Compliment (Sunny Sweeney/Natalie Hemby)
13. Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass (Sunny Sweeney/Brett Beavers/Connie Harrington)  

You will noticed that Angaleena Presley is a cowriter on a few tunes on Sunny Sweeney’s album.  Well I’m happy to say that she is releasing her own album on October 14th.  It is called “American Middle Class.”  Be on the lookout for fellow Kentucky natives Chris Stapleton and Patty Loveless to appear on the album.

Angaleena Presley Track Listing for American Middle Class
1. Ain’t No Man (Angaleena Presley)

2. All I Ever Wanted (Angaleena Presley)

3. Grocery Store (Angaleena Presley & Lori McKenna)

4. American Middle Class (Angaleena Presley)

5. Dry County Blues (Angaleena Presley & Mark D. Sanders)

6. Pain Pills (Angaleena Presley)

7. Life of the Party (Angaleena Presley & Matraca Berg)

8. Knocked Up(Angaleena Presley & Mark D. Sanders)

9. Better Off Red (Angaleena Presley)

10. Drunk (Angaleena Presley & Sarah Siskind)

11. Blessing and a Curse (Angaleena Presley & Bob DiPiero)

12. Surrender (Angaleena Presley, Luke Laird, & Barry Dean)

I always said that Sunny Sweeney and Angaleena Presley need to go on tour sometime.  Perhaps this would be the perfect time.  It would definitely showcase what real country music is all about from a female perspective that is retrofitted back to the days of Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, etc.