Handmade With Love

During a visit to Nashville a month ago, I stopped by shop of Manuel, the clothing designer who has outfitted a lot of folks from Johnny Cash to Dwight Yoakam to Porter Wagoner to Little Jimmy Dickens and more. If you have seen the Marty Stuart Show, you’ve seen his designs on Marty and his Fabulous Superlatives.  Zac Brown recently wore a really cool outfit of his on the CMA Awards when he played with Dave Mathews.  Many country music artists, as well as rock artists wear his designs.

Mr. Gnome Visits Manuel

I walked in and was just in amazement with the items throughout the store.  I had an idea in mind while I traveled to Nashville.  However, I didn’t know if it was feasible and what it would cost.  I saw various scarves on display, but nothing came at me.

The young girl behind the counter and I struck up a conversation.  I told her that I was looking to do a special scarf.  I heard a voice through a curtain in the background and it was the man himself, Manuel.  He and his sons were working away on their sewing machines creating all kinds of beautiful creations.

I told him and the young girl the story behind why I wanted the scarf.  My sister in law, Karin, passed away 4 years ago this June.  I wanted to have something special, unique, and one of a kind in her memory.  What he designed and handmade is beyond the beauty of my imagination.

Today, the scarf was delivered to me.  As I opened up the package, I was in utter amazement at the craftsmanship and details.

The scarf is pure black silk with a butterfly, flowers, and rhinestones.

Karin loved the color pink, especially fuchsia pink…aka “Dolly Parton Pink” as we would call it.  She would wear that particular color of lipstick too.  She also loved butterflies, so needless to say, it was fitting to have a pink butterfly on one side of the scarf.

The other side has four flowers on a vine.  One of the flowers is pink, for my niece, and the other three are blue, for my 3 nephews.

There are also rhinestones embellished on both sides of the scarf.  Then I glanced up to the label and was in shock to see my name hand sewn on the label.  It is something I will cherish forever.

Be sure to head over to Manuel’s website at  You will see the other designs he has done, as well as celebrities he has outfitted over the years. 

One of a kind and unique.  Live. Laugh. Love.