Whitey Morgan in Concert

This past Friday, I got to see Whitey Morgan and the 78s play at the New Vintage in Louisville, Kentucky.  Little did I know, this would be the same place that I saw Wayne Mills several years ago.  Tiny place but friendly folks.  Whitey Morgan is based out of Flint, Michigan, but full of pure country music soul.  His guitar picking reminds me of a cross between Waylon Jennings and Jerry Reed.  He can just flat out pick it.  Add in his steel guitar player, drums, and bass player and you have yourself a good time.

One thing that sets Whitey Morgan apart from the rest is that his show is probably 85% original tunes with a few covers sprinkled in here and there.  And when he throws in a cover, you are guaranteed that it is well appreciated throwback to country music.  Waylon, Paycheck, David Allan Coe, Cash, whoever…he goes deep in their catalog and not just the standard cover tune.
Here’s a video from the other night that I took of Whitey Morgan singing “I’m On Fire” to give you a feeling of what his live show is all about.
Feel free to check him out online at  & check him out live in concert soon.