Blue Side of Heaven

My grandpa – always in Liberty overalls overlooking his mules.
It isn’t very often that you hear a song and it hits you in your heart.  It pulls a heartstring.  I first heard Alan Jackson’s song, “Blue Side of Heaven,” over the radio airwaves of WSM-650 AM.  Alan Jackson did a concert at the Station Inn to promote his album, “The Bluegrass Album.”  Then when he played that song I immediately was brought to tears.  I began searching the lyrics or even another live performance of the song online.  Needless to say, I had to wait until the album was released.
The song immediately reminded me of the passing of my grandparents this past spring.  My grandpa passed away a month after his birthday and a week after their 69th wedding anniversary.  My grandma would pass away a week after her birthday, a month after my grandpa.  Every time I see a pair of Liberty overalls or a quilt I am reminded of my grandparents.  They are definitely missed.
Click here for the article that I wrote for that tells about the background story of the song as well as the lyrics to Blue Side of Heaven.