Oak Ridge Boys show off tradition with sold out performance at Renfro Valley

Oak Ridge Boys – by Jessica Blankenship
Solid as the wooden stage at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center, the Oak Ridge Boys performed to a sold out crowd. Gracing the stage to sing and celebrate 40 years of music, the guys truly showed what it means to be an entertainer.

Just think about it, in 40 years, the Oak Ridge Boys have accumulated a collection of hit songs and gained new fans along the way. In the audience, you saw younger children getting their first dose of the guys all the way up to their grandparents and great grandparents enjoying the show.

After all of these years, what makes the Oak Ridge Boys still popular to sell out venues such as Renfro Valley? Just sitting and listening, you will hear the purist vocal collaborations that have stood tradition in time. You will hear songs that will make you laugh, dance, sing, cry, and reflect. You will rejoice and you will be proud to be a country music fan.

Looking over the songs for the set list at each Renfro Valley outing, no two set lists have been the same. For last night, fans got the enjoy songs such as “Dream On,” “Fancy Free,” “Trying to Love to Women,” “Ya’ll Come Back Saloon,” “Gonna Take a Lot of River,” and many more. During “Thank God for Kids,” led by William Lee Golden, his grandchild appeared on stage to greet the crowd. Joe Bonsall took the time to recognize several people and joked that they are stopping the show just for a woman asked for him to sign her books for her mom.

At the end of their two hour non-stop performance, the crowd raised to its feet to sing and dance along to “Elvira” and “Bobby Sue.” Just like the fried chicken at the Lodge Restaurant across the street, you will keep coming back and asking for more after that wonderful performance.