Blackberry Smoke provides soundtrack to life with latest release

For once, there is music coming out of Georgia that isn’t all about dirt roads, trucks, peaches, and the infamous “country list” songs. Blackberry Smoke’s latest release, “The The Whippoorwill” has whipped music back into shape. From the musicianship to the songwriting, this is a must have to add to any music fan’s collection. The connectivity between songs and production of the album is definitely noticed while listening to the album.
Straight off the bat with “Six Ways to Sunday,” the listener is in for a rocking ride for the album. The slow grooving “Pretty Little Lie,” talks about the relationship between two people where one was involved with a little lie on the side. The reaffirmation of the relationship is noted with “Everybody Knows She’s Mine” that gets you dancing just like Charlie Starr on stage.
Life in a small town is like a life cycle revolving from generation to another. That story is pointed out in the song “One Horse Town.” It is one of the many highlights that fans can connect to. Following that song is “Ain’t Much Left of Me,” which shows that no matter how rough life can be, you can keep holding on for something better.
In tribute to his grandmother, Charlie Starr’s vocals excel on the title track, “The Whippoorwill.” The swampy grooving tune that searches for something that was once lost. 
From sorrow to redemption, “Lucky Seven,” shows that life may not be as easy as it looks, but it is good. That goes the same with the track “Shaking Hands With the Holy Ghost.”
With “Leave a Scar,” Blackberry Smoke totally rocks out with no holds bar style. The fun tune with the catchy line “I may not change the world, but I’m gonna leave a scar,” is good to hear both live in concert and on the album.
“Crimson Moon” is a good southern style country swamp rock tune that is timeless. The slow groove turned into electricity of a love story.
Bringing the influence of acoustic and bluegrass, “Ain’t Got the Blues,” makes you feel like you are on the back porch of a log cabin in the woods. The band recently paid tribute to the late Dale Watson with the song at a concert.
One of the top tracks to hear both live and on cd has to be “Sleeping Dogs.” The swagger of the tune and story sung makes it an instant hit that many can relate to.
Ending the album is “Up the Road,” which is a song about a relationship that has possibly met its end. However, they realize that things are not always better up the road when you give up on love.
Blackberry Smoke has excelled on bringing a collection of country, soul, rock, swamp, and all points in between to make a timeless album. Even better, be sure to add their “Live at the Georgia Theatre” DVD to accompany this album.
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