Pure Kentucky

I have to say Kentucky folks have some big hearts.  One person that comes to mind when I think of musical ambassador to eastern Kentucky, that would be Chad Warrix.  He, along with David Tolliver, put together a charity event, Crockettsville Charity Concert & Trail Ride.  Proceeds go to benefit the Buckhorn Child & Family Services. 
This photo is of Chad Warrix at the 2010 charity concert.  It was a real treat being there.  Something special about this photo is the guitar strap.  It was hand-tooled by leather craftsman Cody Hixon of Tennessee.  Check out my feature article on Cody Hixon that I did.  He is one heck of a talented individual.
If you run by the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame in Renfro Valley, be sure to check out the latest exhibit featuring Chad Warrix.  Not only is he a super talented guitarist, but he is a sweet guy.  There needs to be more people in this world with a kind heart like him.